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Our Process

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First, our students receive a brainstorm where they record all of their characters and settings, along with the main problem and solution that makes up their plot. This helps students to learn organizational skills and write down all the information pertinent to their stories so their stories remain coherent and thoughtful. If your child would like a challenge, please email us for our advanced brainstorm worksheet.

Click here for the brainstorming worksheet.

In the Classroom


After a student finishes a brainstorm, a volunteer checks it for completion and then allows them to continue onto the rough draft stage by handing them a piece of lined paper. While drafting, students have access to information cards, the students around them, and volunteers, all of which help aid the student during the creative writing process.

Learn to Read


Once the student finishes their rough draft, a volunteer will then correct the child's work, correcting mistakes such as spelling, verb tense, general coherency, etc. This is to ensure that students recognize the patterns in their mistakes and learn from them in order to become confident writers.

Drawing & Coloring


After the corrections on the rough draft, students rewrite their stories on a final draft paper. Final draft papers consist of two parts— lined papers and picture papers. At this point, students can use their creativity to draw a cover that represents their story. The books are then bound with construction paper. Covers are glued to the front and pages are bound within. During this process, volunteers will ask them questions to gauge their understanding of their work and their overall effort.

Happy Kids with Books


Students then earn stickers based on the quantity and quality of their story. Stickers can then be used to purchase prizes.

Click here for sample student work.

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