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Writing Contest 2021/2022

The 5th Annual WINK Creative Writing Contest is OPEN for submissions.

We look forward to reading your stories!

Writer’s Ink Creative Writing Contest Rules 2021/2022

Deadline: extended to Sunday, February 27th, 2022 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. 

Link for submissions:

Please email us with any questions at


  • Participants must be currently in grades 1-6 to enter.

    • There are four competition categories:

      • Category A​ for Grades 1-2

      • Category B for Grades 3-4 

      • Category C for Grades 5-6


  • The submitted entry should be entirely composed by one student, either handwritten or typed. Handwriting must be neat and legible. Each student may only submit one entry. No collaborative entries will be accepted; this includes other students and parents. 

  • There is no required prompt or word limit, so feel free to submit any kind of original short story that you have written. We look forward to reading everyone's short stories and seeing what creative ideas everyone can come up with!

  • We will email out results and feedback by mid-March. Some of our prizes for this competition will have to be mailed out, so be sure to check your email for any updates or questions regarding where we should send the prize. 



  • Focus on using descriptive language. Add details about the characters, setting (where it takes place), and the environment. Show and don’t tell!

    • Example: Snow was everywhere vs. Glittering white, the blanket of snow covered everything for miles and miles.

  • Use your imagination! Tell us stories that make us happy, sad, fearful, excited, etc. Take us along an adventure. Write stories that you would want to read.

  • Don’t try to retell a story you’ve read. For example, don’t just rewrite Harry Potter in your own words. Be original and creative.

  • Adjudicators can only give comments on what they can read. Make sure handwriting is legible and stories are submitted in PDF format or type the entry.



Have fun and good luck!

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